Countdown to Delivery

Silent Girl book coverPossibly the most boring people on earth are new parents and new authors. All we want to talk about are our newborn creations. How beautiful, clever and destined for greatness they are. I’m no different, nervously awaiting the birth of my first book, Silent Girl, and blabbing about it all over

What I’d like to do in this space is give you a chance to blab with me about some of the contemporary issues that form the context for Silent Girl. Issues like gender politics, racism, forced marriage, incest, domestic violence,

sexual slavery, and other forms of oppression. We can introduce lighter topics, too—go wherever the energy takes us. I may end up having a discussion with myself for a while, but, hey, I’m a writer—accustomed to spending great blocks of time alone talking (or writing) to myself.

Between now and book birth—expected by May 1st—please leave a comment about which issues interest you most and why. Once Silent Girl emerges from the delivery room, we can pick one and start blabbing.

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