Advance praise for Becoming Lin

In Becoming Lin, Tricia Dower has established herself as a literary force to be reckoned with. This quietly compelling novel accomplishes the magical—it allows us to become ourselves at the same time we watch this great Canadian heroine become herself. Touching, genuine, visceral and real.
Richard Wagamese, award-winning author of Indian Horse and Medicine Walk

Set in small town Minnesota at a time when the Vietnam War was being fought and resisted, Becoming Lin is utterly convincing—a fascinating, absorbing blend of history and the domestic, as well as a powerful reminder of the personal cost paid for the freedoms and rights we are still struggling to maintain.
Kathy Page, celebrated author of The Story of My Face, Alphabet and Paradise & Elsewhere

Becoming Lin encaptures with poetic flair and sensual detail the turbulent and passionate era of the sixties with all of its political, social and emotional strife.
Donna Morrissey, award-winning author of Kit’s Law, Downhill Chance, Sylvanus Now and What They Wanted.


“Moving, well crafted and thoughtful, Becoming Lin is a novel of ideas and politics in the very best sense. Dower shows us the tectonic shifts that undergird a culture in transition while respecting the fine grain human detail of the characters’…own poignant stories…Some of the most powerful and eloquent Canadian novelists of the 20th and 21st century…including Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence and Ethel Wilson…open up what had been cloaked in silence, the oppression of women and their self-discoveries in resistance. We can now add to this important liberation canon the name of Tricia Dower.” — Vancouver Sun

“With deftness, sensitivity and an obvious deep compassion, Dower explores the many ways we can feel unsafe, targeted and downright shattered in our own private battlefields…what does it mean to be hurt in ways others don’t acknowledge, and how long does it last?” — Focus Magazine.

“Reading Becoming Lin reminded me of discovering Marilyn French’s The Women’s Room and Marge Piercy’s Small Changes. Two unapologetically feminist novels which I felt had poured out of my own heart into some other writer’s story. I inhaled these books, and I felt the same sense of intense recognition and kindred-spirit-ness in Tricia Dower’s newest novel.”– Buried in Print

“…a lovely story about identity…Lin’s journey from a young girl to a self-assured woman shows others that they are not alone.”  — Curled Up With A Book and A Cup of Tea

“Tricia Dower managed to capture the mood of the times through an empathetic leans, no heroes, no villains, just complex characters with strengths and frailties, wrestling with truths and choices in uncertain times.” — Goodreads

“…the kind of book that you’re sorry when it’s finished, bereft to leave behind a world that has held you so fast…absolutely her finest [book] yet.” — Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This

Staff Pick for March 2016 at the Mulberry Bush Bookstore, Parksville, BC. “With exacting prose and wonderfully realistic characterizations, the author unmasks the deep questions of faith and truth that exist within marriage. I loved this novel.” — from March newsletter.

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