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About Tricia

Think of me as a new writer in old skin. I started writing fiction in 2002 after taking early retirement from corporate life. Three years later, my husband, Colin, and I sold our house in Toronto and took off for parts unknown with only whatever the car would hold. We landed in Victoria, BC, for a three-month stay and haven’t left yet.

Born in Rahway, New Jersey, I’ve called Canada home since 1981. I’ve lived in sixteen different towns and cities in North America, eaten grilled sardines in Portugal, toad in the hole in England, shark fin soup in Beijing, conch chowder in the Caribbean, scones in Bermuda, and pineapple pancakes in Hawaii.

A graduate of Gettysburg College with a degree in English literature, I’ve taught school and worked in marketing, advertising, human resources, and corporate communications. Over the years I’ve amused myself by tap-dancing, painting rocks, playing piano, and pretending to play golf. Mike and Katie call me Mom; Ashley and CC call me Grandma.

My fiction has appeared in Room of One’s Own, The New Quarterly, Hemispheres, Cicada, NEO, Insolent Rudder and Big Muddy. Silent Girl is my first book.

Toronto writer and literary blogger Kerry Clare interviewed me about the writing of Silent Girl. You can read it here

Tricia as a girl

Check out the length of my shiny Mary Janes. As a child, I outgrew my shoes so quickly, my mother would say, "You’ll be wearing the boxes next."


the book

The wind up the valley stung her face as she rode out on horseback to the funeral, her head sludgy with sorrow, no hat on the frizzy red hair Dave had likened to a brush fire. The sound of hooves on crusty snow bit the air as Jack rode on one side of her, Spencer on the other. Wearing his father’s long, black outback coat and wide-brimmed black hat, Spencer held the reins of the riderless King trotting beside him.

"A bit much, don’t you think?" Jack said.

— Passing Through




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